Three Amazing Games You Can Use To Promote Public Speaking Skills

Public speaking is often ranked high in surveys that identify our greatest fears. The Washington Post published an article on public speaking that found more than 25% of Americans fear it. This makes it the most fearful fear of all Americans. Public speaking is more frightening than drowning, heights, bugs and snakes.

Public speaking games can help you overcome your fear of public speaking. These games encourage people not to be afraid of judgement or embarrassment and encourage them to speak up.

These are three classic public speaking games you can play with family and friends.

Game #1: The Story Behind the Item

Make a list of things and events to start.

A birthday cake, a stamp, books, a birthday cake, a chimney and the tooth fairy are all examples. Common sayings include ‘a penny to your thoughts’, “a red rag to the bull” or “a pinch and a punch at the beginning of each month”.

April Fools Day: A wheel, a Christmas tree and ice cream. Father Christmas Day is May Day. Sirens, shaking hands when you meet someone.

Each speaker must give a brief account of the history or story behind the event or thing. You don’t have to be factual. This public speaking game aims to develop credible fluency and impromptu speech skills.

Game #2 – Talk About This Phrase

Make a list.

For example, “Just do it”, “Diamonds are forever”, “He’s fallen in water”; “Some like it hot”; “Love makes the world go around”, he said.

Each speaker must speak about the phrase given to them. You can set a time limit. Each speech should be no more than 2 minutes long. This game is designed to encourage creativity and spontaneity in speaking.

Game #3 – Spot The Lie

This game encourages imagination, fluency, and fun. Your group will also learn body language by playing this game! How can you tell if someone is lying? How do you know if someone is lying?

Each speaker must share 3 facts about themselves on the theme you have chosen.

Examples of the theme: my family, holidays, the future, my favourite after-school activities, my beliefs, my best books, my adventures, and my family.

Two of the things they tell themselves about themselves are true. The third is , not.

Ask the class to reveal the lie after they have finished speaking.

PS. This is a great way to break the ice for new groups.


These are three games that you can play at your next family or friend gathering. These games can be used by teachers to encourage students to share their stories or speak up in class. It is important to give students as many opportunities to speak as possible, and to do so in a fun way. Public speaking does not have to be scary or intimidating.

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