Five Reasons Why Mario Is So Popular

Mario is one of the most beloved characters in video games. It has introduced over 100 games across many genres and systems, and enjoyed great success during its 30-year history. Below are five reasons Mario Bros is a better choice than other games. Continue reading.

Revolutionary style

Mario is a refreshing new face in the gaming world. Nintendo takes you on an exciting journey in each of its games.

Many of the new Mario games follow the same structure as Super Mario Bros. This is why this game is one of the most popular.

New format

This product is actually iconic because it didn’t present the same challenges as other titles. The difficulty level of the game keeps increasing in an enjoyable way. You will learn how to play the next level skillfully in the initial levels. The design is intuitive so you won’t receive detailed instructions.

Many of today’s game developers have adapted the structure of this classic game to create new games.


Super Mario Bros was released in a time when there weren’t many games. Players had to pay to play the machines. Nintendo, however, uses a different approach. This was no easy task. The game design was not to blame for the players’ loss of “lives”.

The platform is based on precision. This means that if you act at the right moment, you will not fail.

Industry Success

The gaming industry wasn’t as successful before Mario was released. It was actually losing revenue. Nintendo then came up with a new title, which opened up new opportunities for developers.

The introduction of NES made a significant shift in the game industry. This new title was more about exploration and adventure than high scores. The product was so popular, it had the highest annual sales revenue in many decades.

Easter Eggs

Even though Easter eggs were well-known to players before Mario was released, they weren’t very common. You may be familiar with the secret warp pipes, which allowed you to travel to new worlds. This format opened up a whole new world of possibilities for developers with the right skills.

This encouraged players to go deeper into the game to uncover more secrets. Today, almost all games have tons of hidden secrets and collectibles. Mario deserves the credit.

Mario is not as good as the most recent titles in graphics but it does have a lot more features than current games. Many games today have features that are reminiscent of Mario.

These are just a few of the reasons Mario is still the most beloved game.

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