Three Tips Every New ESO Player Should Know

Elder scrolls online (ESO), has grown steadily since its inception. As more people become interested, it has seen a steady increase in popularity over the years.

Unfortunately, the game is so complex that it can be overwhelming for new players. Here are some tips for new players to help you get the most out of the game.

ESO does not include Skyrim

While the games share many similarities, they aren’t exactly the same. ESO will not allow you to enjoy the same freedoms as Skyrim. ESO’s freedoms are restricted. ESO, for example, doesn’t allow you to kill NPCs in the same way as Skyrim.

Exploration has been rescinded slightly, as well as freedom being limited. These changes require that you approach the game with a new mindset to be able to win.

Take care when designing your character

You must choose your character before you can start the game. Although you can modify a lot of the character’s features, you cannot change their race or class. To ensure that you choose the right character, you need to plan ahead.

You should keep in mind that there are 10 races and four classes when planning.

You can increase the effectiveness of your character by taking advantage of certain racial traits. Dragon Knights, for example, are able to fire more. Dunmer gives this character the ability to fire more.

Questing: Take full advantage

Talk to an NPC to complete the quest. Quests can be a great way to increase your leveling. They reward you with gold and other special items.

You should complete as many quests possible to maximize your rewards. Quests are often very relevant to the game, so it is very simple to complete them.

These are the top tips for new players to remember in order to succeed in the ESO games. You can do more research if you want to find out more. There are many excellent resources online and offline that can give you expert advice on how to survive the game.

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