Top Three Ways To Play Your Classic Arcade Games

Arcade machines were everywhere in the 1980s. They were first introduced in Japan and spread all over the globe with their incredible games. This was before smartphones, handheld consoles, and home consoles. To play your favorite games, you had to go to an arcade. Many of these games have a lasting impact on gamers. It has become increasingly difficult to find the right places or ways to play arcade games in recent years. This guide will show you the best 3 ways to travel back to your youth. You can battle your friends in Street Fighter II CE, or finish the final level of 1942. There are over 1000s arcade games available, so you won’t be disappointed.

1. Visit Your Local Arcades

It can be difficult to find your local arcade. Many arcades that were dedicated to hardcore arcade gaming have closed down because of the rise of online gaming. Google Maps searches for “arcade” and “amusement arcade” will help you locate one. Call them to confirm that they are open. Google Maps may not show all arcades. This is where it gets more complicated. A Google Search for them won’t bring up the most relevant locations.

2. Find out about the local bars and pubs

Pubs and bars are increasingly introducing classic arcade machines back into their establishments. The tabletop arcade machines of the past are still available. Asking people in pubs and bars for information on where to find one is a great way to locate one. You can also ask local pubs/bars to purchase one. Google Maps wouldn’t be much help in this scenario since retro gaming machines aren’t something that business owners would list on their Google Local listings. Google Search is likely to be more useful, so search for “arcade pubs” and “arcade bars”.

3. Play Online On Your Computer/Tablet/Smartphone

The internet and technology have made it possible to find tons of arcade games and similar games on a variety of websites. Due to licensing issues, not all websites offer the originals. It would be difficult to find the latest Final Fantasy online. This is similar to what you might find. The bright side is that the arcade license holders are releasing the games again on PC, Android, and iOS.

Get Your Own Arcade Machine

Home arcade machines are becoming more popular. There are arcade manufacturers that make classic arcade machines, as well as multi-game machines. New arcade machines come with compatibility for the PS3 and X-Box 360, allowing gamers to connect their next-generation consoles and play the latest arcade games. Many home arcade cabinets are customizable and built-to-order.


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