Top Three Esports International Tournament: WCG, ESWC and WEG

Esports has seen investors seek to share the huge amount of money and players look to improve their reputations and skills. This has led to the emergence of many professional competitions. WCG, ESWC, and WEG are the most well-known of all these competitions. All players dream of being the champion in any one of these tournaments. What are WCG, ESWC, and WEG?

WCG stands for World Cyber Games. It has been cancelled since 2014. This contest was sponsored by Samsung from 2006 and hosted by Internation Cyber Marketing (ICM). Beyond the Game is the official song of WCG. It is also the title of a slogan and documentary about WCG.

WCG was established in 2000 and hosted the 2001 Games for the first-time. WCG built a players village in 2000 and hosted the first Olympic Games in 2001. It’s the largest electronic competition and attracts millions of viewers each year. The top players competed against each other and exchanged information. In each country or region, preliminary rounds were conducted in an independent manner. This big party was attended by all the top competitors.

Second, ESWC can be abbreviated as Electronic Sport World Cup. It was founded by Mattieu Dallon, who was CEO of Ligarena SA and Games-Services until 2009. Futuroscope, France hosted the first two events. The ESWC was a pioneering competition that showcased innovative gaming matches. It also featured live commentary broadcasts in many languages.

2009 marks a pivotal year in ESWC’s growth. ESWC faced a major dilemma in 2009 due to the global economic crisis and the fragility Esports’ economic models which were almost entirely based upon private sponsorship. Jean-Marie Coutant took over ESWC in 2010, with a relaunch at Disneyland Paris. After the acquisition of all rights, ESWC was produced by Oxent in 2011. Afterwards, it was produced by Oxent only.

WEG, World E-sports Games is the third-ranked international Esports competition, and it was organized by Korea, following WCG. Paul Chong founded it in 2004, with its headquarters in Seoul. In 2005, the first three games took place in South Korea. The event was moved to Hangzhou a year later. It was renamed the World e-Sports Games Masters. WEG returned to Seoul in 2007, hosting the World e-Sports Games e-Stars. However, WEG moved to China for the 2008 World- eSports Masters season. It has been held each year since then and OnGameNet holds the rights to the World e-Sports Masters franchise.

These three international competitions were a witness to the changes and developments in Esports. Players have the opportunity to expand their horizons and reach higher goals thanks to their existence!


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